Speech Coaching, Presentation Skills and Media Training for CEOs, Executive Teams, Board of Directors, Community Leaders and Public Figures

Whether it’s a million dollar deal behind closed doors, your candidacy announcement in front of a room full of press, or a keynote speech at signature fundraising gala, it’s your time to shine. Outstanding public speaking and presentation skills win elections and build reputations.

So ask yourself:

  • Are you an impressive spokesperson for your organization in the media?
  • Are you and your message compelling?
  • Do you know what to say or are you reading from notes?
  • Do you have a strong executive presence?
  • What if someone heckles you or pushes your buttons?
  • Do you command respect and authority when you speak?
  • Do you have a compelling personal leadership brand?

Can you really risk it without executive speech coaching?

Keynote Speaking

Corporate Training

Executive Coaching

Speaking, Training and Coaching clients include:

“It only takes one presentation or media interview to catapult you into the spotlight or send your career, stock prices and company’s image into the gutter.”

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