IMG_6516LoNarges Nirumvala is a Powerful and Engaging Motivational Keynote Speaker Who Will take Your Conference or Event to the Next Level

Her keynotes, seminars and workshops are practical and filled with ‘how to’s’ and ‘why to’s’ that show attendees how to go beyond average and shine – at work and in life. She is motivating, inspiring, uplifting and very energizing; she moves people to action by sharing personal stories, strategies and insights to help make their goals and dreams a reality.  Her experience in coaching leaders to peak performance provides a foundation for empowering others to reach their true potential.

AVAILABLE for the Following Speaking Engagements and Topics:

  • Keynote
  • Moderator
  • Panelist
  • Workshop Leader
  • Professional Emcee/Host
  • Author Appearance
  • Corporate Training
  • Leadership
  • Presentation Skills
  • Persuasion/Influence
  • Personal Branding
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Growth
  • Personal Development
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Empowering Women

Her powerful and interactive keynotes, workshops, and strategy sessions gives the audience essential tools to take their vision – whether it relates to their career, business or life –  and create a realistic plan that moves them to action. Narges’ audience includes corporations, associations, conferences, retreats, and workshops.


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Remember Narges can customize any of the following topics to the requirements of your industry or event. These can be delivered as keynotes or workshops.

Are You Ready for Your Moment in the Spotlight?

How often do you get to speak in your current position? If you were a better speaker or communicator how would it impact your career and the opportunities you get? Based on her new book “Capture the Spotlight” Narges’s highly interactive keynote will give you fundamental tools to help you find your authentic voice and step out of the shadows and into the light.

Attendees will learn:

  • 3 reasons why public speaking is essential to your professional development and success
  • 5 fundamentals of good public speaking
  • 3 ways to boost your self-confidence
  • How to begin to overcome your own fear and self-doubt
  • 2 situations in which you should NEVER use PowerPoint (but people still do)
Speaking for Leadership

How to Command Respect, Project Authority and Inspire Confidence

Are leaders born or made? Why is public speaking so important to the success of a leader? Does your body language inspire confidence or laughter? Narges draws from the great speakers of our time in politics and business to give us valuable insights into what makes a truly great speaker and how it impacts on the success of their leadership.

In this high-energy,’ take no prisoners’ session the audience members will learn:

  • 3 qualities of a truly great speaker – from Steve Jobs to MLK
  • 5 ways that speaking directly impacts your leadership
  • 4 levels of employee/team member engagement and why you really don’t want to get to level 4

7 Reasons Why You Should Hire Narges to Speak

  1. Because you want a world renowned thought leader to anchor your conference or event. Someone who is respected and recognized.
  2. Uplifting, inspiring and motivational keynote presentations that will leave your audience ready to take on the world.
  3. Relevant, well-researched actionable content, not ’empty’ motivational speeches that are just full of filler and fluff.
  4. A strong social media presence on all relevant platforms including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn to help you promote and create buzz for your event.
  5. Customized content for each client.
  6. Up to 3 free conference calls before the event to help you plan.
  7. Because you only want to hire the BEST for your event.

Speaker Fees:
Narges Nirumvala travels from Vancouver, BC, Canada. She is an expert and thought leader in her field and speaks all over North America and the World. She is available to travel to different cities including – Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Seattle, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Orlando, London, Sydney and many others. Her speaker fees are negotiable depending on the circumstances and offer discounts to some organizations, so let’s talk email: narges[at]executivespeak.com


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